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Tattoos are a way of self-expression that many people enjoy. They can be an artistic form of expression and may even have a significant meaning to the person who wears them. In addition, tattoos often require a great deal of time and concentration to complete, so having one done is usually an experience that you will remember for many years.


A temporary tattoo is a decorative image that can be applied to the skin for short periods of time. Most temporary tattoos are novelty items made with a special type of decal. A process known as screen printing is used to create the tattoo image on paper coated with a transfer film.


Check out our calligraphy tattoo selection for the very best in unique or custom, handmade pieces from our shops. Many designers now use tattoo lettering fonts to give an artistic hand-drawn look to their designs.This tattoos are versatile as there are many styles of writing and presenting them. They are good for any gender and age.


Some people felt that the scar was more unattractive than the tattoo itself. If you have a tattoo that has been treated with other methods, you may benefit from laser therapy. These treated tattoos may respond well to laser therapy as long as there is not a large amount of scarring


For a piercing at Tattoology Studio in Mumbai, our piercers welcome you in our shops. Piercings can be done on the availability of piercers or you can also book quickly and easily from our Website or call us by choosing the desired piercing according to the part of the body to be pierced.


A needle inserts coloured ink into your pores and skin to seem like eyeliner, lip liner, eyebrows or different make-up. For females who have misplaced their hair due to the fact of chemotherapy, everlasting eyebrows and eyeliner can repair shallowness and put off the want to reapply eyebrows each day. Cosmetic tattooing can also help with vitiligo


To many artists, the preliminary sketch is often considered to hold more spontaneity and freshness than the finished piece. For some artists that create in the medium of sculpture, the pencil sketch is a tool that helps the perception process. The ability to see an object is perfected with the pencil sketches.


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